Monday, April 27, 2015

Self-love from a Divine’s Perspective, Part 1

I'm honored to be a disciple and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.  
I appreciate this time to be able to share the insights on Self-love from a Divine perspective that I've received through the teachings of Dr. and Master Sha.    

Self-love from a Divine perspective is to know and understand a perspective that you've been defined by the creator.  What I do mean by that?  Is that you internally understand that you have the creator's definition and the creator's perspective of self-love within you.

Now self-love, as is taught basically to the public and through the media is usually a love that involves an adding on to self instead of an appreciation of the Divine you.

When I say Self-love, I'm not saying it with a small "s", but with a capital "S".  And that capital "S" is what I will term as Tao love.  Now what is the Tao?  The Tao is the source and creator of all.  If we follow that way, which is really heaven's idea, our lives will flourish.  But the key is how can we get to that step—by—step prescription to self-love? 
The first thing that we have to understand is that it's not outside of yourself.  The one thing that we have been taught and is constantly reinforced is that we need and want things from others to complete our oneness.  It’s like we are wounded and we have to have someone else to make up our wholeness.  And that is just totally incorrect because it should be the Tao of me and the Tao of you come together from a positive position of strength to help heal and rejuvenate and transform ourselves by looking at ourselves heart to heart and soul to soul as a transformative mirror and to go forward to a better understanding to help bring out Divine qualities.

More next time. Stay tuned for part two of this message. Thank you. 

Unceasing Love, Master William