Saturday, March 29, 2014

Legacy of Love for the Body

On my last blog I spoke about leaving a legacy of love – first to myself than to others. I thought very long and hard on how I could I measure such a task. When I asked the Divine that question – the reply was just take the first step. So I started to ask myself questions like- How would I feel daily about myself if I truly loved myself- What would my conversations about myself and others sound like? What is love? I found that more I really focused in on my everyday actions and reactions that the same patterns presented them over and over.  My inner conversations did not feel or sound original – but I realized it was what I allowed myself to accept as true instead diving deep into this beautiful ocean of life, to receive a long await reward that was being kept in a secret place for me. This does not me that it was not beneficial, but what I was needing and asking for was to know my own voice.  
I was lead open the book “Soul Wisdom” and read and meditate on the following.
“In the Soul Light Era, when we follow the direction of the soul, our individual lives will be harmonious and peaceful. Our interactions with others will also be harmonious. When large numbers of people come to the realization that following the directions of the soul is a priority, the entire social picture will change for the better” (Soul wisdom Page 6 of paragraph 2) Since we express ourselves on four areas of life, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) my guidance has directed me to start a healing legacy of love for the body. So next week I’m looking forward to sharing with you what that looks like and what guidance and practices that I received to leaving such a legacy.

Unceasing Blessings, Master Bill

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Legacy of Love

Recently I have spoken to several people that have stated that they wanted to leave a legacy to their children or loved ones. He first person was concerned with leaving a legacy in the form of cash and real estate, the second was a legacy in the form of rare antiques and valuable paintings. These are wonderful and noble ideas and gestures, but It started me thinking as to the legacy that I wanted to leave. Then it came to me to start with a legacy of love – first with myself and then in the memory of others. Over the next weeks I will be sharing with the rewards and the benefits of leaving a legacy of love and how we can do this in our everyday lives. So, I invite you to join me weekly as I share my insights about this wonderful journey.
Love, Love and more Love, Master Bill