Sunday, October 20, 2013

Power Healing A True Heavenly Treasure

This heavenly treasure titled “Power Healing” has been a God sent to my life. In the year 2006 I was experiencing frequent and very painful attacks of gout in left foot. I had tried many remedies and prescriptions to cure this aliment and found some relief – but I wanted to be healed from this condition. I remember, it was a beautiful, bright and sunny day here in Atlanta – when a entered a Barnes & Noble bookstore. With the intention of only browsing and a self-commitment not to purchase another book, I walked over to the featured book table and immediately was drawn to the book Power Healing. As soon as I touched the book I felt a bolt of electricity shoot through my body. I knew that I had made a Divine connection.  As I started to practice the power healing method of Weng Ar Hong and I received total healing for gout and many other blessings for my relationships and business. I cannot thank Divine, Tao, Source and Master Sha enough for this great gift of wisdom, healing and love. In Love and Gratitude, Master Bill

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  1. Dear Master BIll , I am so honored to have met you and Alma. Your session at the TAO retreat was simply inspirational and heart touching.
    Love you both